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Included in the Willing Hearts app is a photograph of the rosary of beloved Mother M. Angela (Gillespie) CSC.  Mother Angela led the Sisters of the Holy Cross, not only through the Civil War, but in founding thirty-six institutions, which included schools, academies, hospitals and asylums.  "There are some people who can inspire others to do what ordinarily speaking is impossible; Mother Angela was one of these.  Her faith and courage never recognized limitations; hence the nature, the magnitude of her achievements and those of her Sisters." Sister M. Rita (Heffernan), CSC, A Story of Fifty Years

"General Strong and staff visited the hospital today. It was a grand display and contrast of the pomp of war on one side and of its misery and horror on the other. As they passed through the different wards filled with the wounded, sick and dying." Mother M. Angela (Gillespie) CSC

Willing Hearts
Sisters of the Holy Cross
Civil War Nurses
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