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On the Willing Hearts app, you will find many letters and notes penned nearly 150 years ago by the Catholic Sisters of the Holy Cross. They volunteered to serve as nurses in Civil War hospitals or on hospital ships. Here is a tender letter by Sister Mary Anne, CSC, informing a father of the passing of his son.

U.S. Gen'l Hospital
Mound City Illinois
March 22, 1864

Mr. Thomas Delany

Respected Sir
  "It is my painful duty to inform you of the Death of your dear son Mr. Thomas Delany of the 19th Pa. Cav. which sad event took place in this Hospital at four oclock on yesterday afternoon.

  It must be a great consolation to you to hear that he died a happy and a holy death. He received all the rites of the Church and was fortified by the Sacraments in his last moments. He used to speak of you in the most affectionate manner and say it was you that taught him how to say his prayers & his Catachism.(sic)  I saved you a lock of his hair in memory of him may his dear soul rest in Peace Amen. If you write to Dr. H. Wardner the Surgeon in charge of Mound City Hospital he will send you his money or any other effects he may have had."

Yours very Resp.
Sister Mary Anne
a sister of the Holy Cross
Willing Hearts
Sisters of the Holy Cross
Civil War Nurses
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